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Podere L’Agave

Welcome home

San Vincenzo’s rolling hills and sun-soaked beaches are the perfect backdrop to Podere L’Agave, a family-friendly location with breath-taking views. Enjoy freshly grown produce, heavenly olive oil and meet a bunch of friendly animals on this organic farm.

Our apartments

Our self-catering rentals have different floor plans but one aim: to make you feel at home, with all the amenities of a hotel. Enjoy the freedom of an apartment without giving up on concierge services or having someone else prepare breakfast and snacks. If you have a dog or pets traveling with you, contact us directly, we will advise you on the best solution for you!

Superior apartment with two bedrooms Alpan

  • 80 m2
  • Seaside view, with sunset
  • Mezzanine floor
  • 4 adults , 2 children
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apartment with two bedrooms at first floor Losna

  • 70 m2
  • Seaside view, with sunset
  • First floor
  • 4 adults , 2 children
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apartment with two bedrooms on the ground floor Vicare

  • 60-70 m2
  • Seaside view, with sunset
  • Ground floor
  • 4 adults , 2 children
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apartment with one bedroom Turan

  • 45- 55 m2
  • Hill’s view / Seaside view, with sunset
  • Ground floor or mezzanine floor
  • 2 adults , 2 children
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Studio apartment Feronia

  • 31 m2
  • Hill’s view
  • Ground floor
  • 2 adults , 1 children
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Breakfast, apéritifs and more

Starting the day off right is fundamental for a great vacation, which is why our generous buffet includes organic products from our neighbouring farms as well as ours.

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The day begins calmly and continues in complete relaxation with coffee, ice creams and aperitifs.

Breakfast is made of organic products of Podere L’Agave farmhouse, jams made with ancient fruits from our orchard, eggs from our hen house, as well as an array of other delicacies.

Breakfast is served on buffet style and you can enjoy it in the gazebo or outside in the fresh air of the garden.

Vegan, vegetarian, gluten- and
lactose-free options available upon request.
The café is open all day long, for a coffee and a croissant in the morning or an ice cream or a cool drink in the afternoon.

At sunset, it’s Happy Hour with lots of snacks and, if you like, a charcuterie and cheese board. If you feel like eating something healthy and light, we have fresh seasonal fruit, melon, watermelon, yogurt with cereal or a bruschetta.

If you don’t feel like cooking dinner or lunch, book our platters with cold cuts, cheeses, preserves and freshly picked vegetables accompanied by a basket of bread and Tuscan focaccia.

And don’t forget to snap a picture of the sun going down in the sea at sunset!

Pools, gym and outdoor area

Swim laps, splash around, or soak and relax – with two swimming pools and two Jacuzzis on site, there’s no shortage of options!

And if you’re looking to squeeze a little workout during your day, we also have a small gym and of course our grounds and gardens where to run free, go for a walk or work out.

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The gym is open all day long. You can run on the Technogym treadmill or use our exercise bike, though of course there are plenty of trails nearby too. You can take out any of the mats and weights if you prefer to work out outside in our garden or among the olive trees.

On the way to the barn, there’s also a gazebo which overlooks the sea, where it is beautiful to work out or meditate at dawn or dusk.

The climate remains ideal throughout the year, creating a haven for biking enthusiasts. Countless trails wind through stunning pockets of nature, leading to vineyards while maintaining an uninterrupted, breath-taking view of the sea.

The apartments are located between gardens with a big open area. There’s a nice spot called the gazebo on the grass where you can relax, have drinks, and enjoy the smell of jasmine.
Kids can play on the playground and run in the field.


All around the farm there are aromatic plants, especially rosemary and lavender, which colour our grounds with their beautiful purple flowers. Here and there are sage shrubs, oregano, basil, chives and mint, not to mention the herb garden where we have collected herbs together with myrtle and strawberry trees, typical of the area.

You can take a walk here whenever you want, the herbs are available to all guests for cooking or to prepare a refreshing drink or infusion.

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The sensory experience doesn’t end here, because in the surrounding fields you can have fun recognizing the herbs that grow wild here: dandelion, asparagus, parietaria, wild oregano, chard and wild chicory, marigold and mallow to name the most common. How many can you spot?

Our orchard and olive grove, with the surrounding fields, make for a nice setting for a leisurely stroll. You’ll find benches and hammocks where to take a break and idle the day away, should you wish to.

Next to the herb garden is a gazebo with tables, chairs and a barbecue. Here friends and families gather, and celebrate special occasions or birthdays between a game of ping pong and a tournament of table soccer.

Out in the fields there is the second gazebo where we often stop for the wonderful sunset view you can enjoy here, though the early birds exercise and greet the sunrise here too.

Our tree houses nestled among the olive trees are the joy of children, but sometimes of grown-ups too! The perfect setting where to play and relax, overlooking the sea. In the playground there are swings, a sandbox and a climbing net, everything your kid needs to imagine new worlds and make friends with the other little guests staying with us.

The children’s boundless energy can find a welcome respite in our grounds, where they can roam freely, organize small soccer matches with the other kids and simply enjoy the outdoors.

Family & dog friendly

At our organic farm there’s no shortage of outdoor space for your children and dogs to play and explore. Our family-friendly apartments and amenities cater to your every need, because we’re parents too!

Here, your furry companion can accompany you everywhere and roam free in the countryside, between games of fetch and lounging in the garden’s shade.

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Our apartments are spacious and comfortable, providing a home away from home for you and your family, including your four-legged friends.

We have a variety of room options to fit your needs, from studios to large family apartments, all equipped with the latest amenities to make your stay as comfortable as possible.


Romantic getaway

Autumn, adorned with its sunsets casting hues of red, pink, and orange across the sky, stands out as the ideal season for a romantic weekend getaway.

Even in winter, temperatures rarely dip below 10 degrees, and on a sunny day, a coat is hardly necessary, extending the warmth of summer well into October.

Rainy days offer the perfect chance to explore wineries along the Wine Road from Bolgheri to Castagneto Carducci and Suvereto, visit a variety of museums, or indulge in a spa treatment.

Our farm

Podere L’Agave is first and foremost a farmhouse, where life’s rhythm is marked by the seasons.

In summer the days start early, with the sun rising from the hills and the morning dew filling the air with delicate perfume.

This is the best time to pick vegetables from our garden: tomatoes, zucchini, eggplants and more, which you can also find at our front desk every morning. Organic vegetables, grown with only the nourishment of the earth, sun and water to make your dishes not only tasty but also healthy.

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And then there is the orchard with ancient fruits that you can visit whenever you feel like taking a walk outdoors. Apricots, peaches, figs and pears that you can pick directly from the trees (or find at the front desk as well). If you have a sweet tooth you’ll love our jams, low in sugar and gluten-free.

On our 24 hectares of land there is an olive grove with century-old trees. Every year we make gluten-free preserves and olive oil, which guests can enjoy during their vacation or at home, if they buy them from the reception desk or our online shop.

Our extra-virgin olive oil, certified organic, is our small pride: the result of our care and love for this land. We use only organic products such as kaolin, which are not harmful to the environment or people.

Chickens, peacocks, ducks, geese and 4 donkeys also live here on the farm, and they’re friendly to all the children that wish to see them. The children have fun picking fruit and vegetables together with Gimmy and Pietro, the boys who have always taken care of the farm. They can spend time with them outdoors, learning new things about the land and the animals to which they can bring food and collect the eggs just laid.

Throughout the fields and especially in our herb garden you can find dandelion, asparagus, chives, wild garlic, parietaria officinalis, wild oregano, chard and wild chicory, calendula and mallow to name the most common.

Near the apartments, there are rosemary and lavender bushes to sweeten your stay with their lovely scent.