Rooted in Nature

Agave Flowers is so much more than a place to stay. Every location is a cosy haven, filled with warmth and authentic Italian hospitality that makes you feel like you truly belong.

Our goal is simple: we want you to create beautiful memories, relax, and leave your worries at the door. To create this unique atmosphere, we don’t merely see ourselves as your hosts, but rather like long-lost family members waiting to welcome you home.

No poisons are used

Podere l’Agave has always been an organic farm. We use kaolin powder and traps to catch flies and protect the olive trees from bugs. This helps us avoid polluting the important underground water source and the air we breathe.

We’ve picked old fruit trees that are tough against diseases and bugs and have delightful flavours. Our chickens eat natural grains and have room to roam freely, searching for insects, herbs, and seeds.

Our veggies and herbs are grown without using insecticides.

Our products

We make Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Fruit Jams with just a bit of sugar to keep the taste natural. In your apartment’s bathrooms, you’ll find toiletries with our own label. They’re made from plants grown organically or found naturally in clean areas – none have petroleum ingredients.

Local production

On your table you’ll find the produce from our farm and from nearby farms only. Besides our fruits and vegetables there are the cheeses from Podere Paterno of Monterotondo, the honey from Terre di Mario of Suvereto, the organic sauces from La Selva and Fattoria Sant’Anna, while the wines come mostly from the Wine Road that connects Bolgheri to Suvereto.

Reduce waste

All apartments have good insulation and air conditioning. We know summers are getting warmer, so we kindly request you to use the A/C thoughtfully. Sometimes, opening a window to let in the breeze can be just as effective.

At Podere L’Agave, we gather rainwater from the fields to water our gardens and vegetable patches. However, this water is limited, so please avoid wasting it!

Plastic free

For all our guests there is a water dispenser of purified water, treated with reverse osmosis, completely free of charge. Natural water at room temperature or fresh and sparkling water if you prefer some extra bubbles to fill bottles and flasks whenever you want. Use your water bottle to make the refill and reduce plastic waste.

Electric car charging station

At Podere L’Agave and Agave in Centrale, we provide charging stations for your electric car. While waiting, soak in the Tuscan sun or explore Milan on foot. Additionally, you can conveniently recharge your car overnight while you sleep.

Photovoltaic and solar panels

At Podere L’Agave and Agave in Città, we have a photovoltaic system in place. For heating water at Podere L’Agave, we rely on solar panels. Embracing alternative energies helps our planet breathe a little easier.


All our apartments are equipped with containers for recycling. The cleaning products we offer are biodegradable, and the shopping bags we hand out at the front desk are made of recycled paper.