Our olive oil

Our olive trees benefit from a privileged location, always bathing in sunlight and caressed by a gentle breeze. This provides them with natural protection against pathogens, which is enhanced by Jimmy’s annual treatment with ”Kaolin”, a natural silica clay that gives the trees their silver sheen. Additionally, we use only BIO organic products for fertilization, ensuring that the plants receive only the necessary nutrients for yearly production.

Olive harvesting

Each October, the olive harvest is done by hand and sorted into 250 kg bins according to a specific collection calendar. This calendar considers the degree of fruit ripeness, degree of veraison, fatty substance, and detachment resistance.

The varieties are harvested by plot and, if needed, by variety. The oil is stored in separate vats, and milling occurs within 8-12 hours of harvesting.

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Milling of olives

At “Terre Dell’Etruria” in Donoratico (LI), the olives are pressed within 12 hours of being harvested. The mill, built in 2011, uses a modern continuous cycle crusher with a disc crushing system. Closed kneaders are utilized to prevent the olive paste from meeting air.

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Qualities to look for in high-quality organic extra virgin olive oil

  • Acidity: A good extra virgin olive oil should have an acidity level of no more than 0.4%. Our oil never exceeds 0.3% acidity.
  • Peroxides: Peroxides are a sign of oxidative alteration and indicate the degradation and aging of the oil. The legal limit for olive oil is a maximum of 20 mEq O2/kg.
  • Polyphenols: These antioxidants combat illnesses such as tumours and arteriosclerosis while also slowing down the aging process. A higher polyphenol value increases the beneficial qualities of the oil and slows down the aging process in both the oil and the individual consuming it. Our oil has a polyphenol quantity of over 300 mg/Kg.
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