sea, sand & sun

Rocky adventures

If you love fun adventures, you’ll find Elba Island to be a real treasure. The island is full of secret little beaches along its rocky shores, where the water is a beautiful shade of turquoise. You can get to some of these hidden spots by hiking through nature or by taking a boat. For those who like a thrill, check out the Pomonte Wreck. It’s close to the surface, about 12 meters deep, so you can see it just by snorkelling in the clear water.

Ultimate relaxation 

We’re just a 5-minute walk from Marciana Marina beach, which is handy if you’re here with kids. All over the island, you’ll find beautiful sandy beaches with shallow waters that are safe for children to play in. Plus, there are lots of beach clubs where you can relax with an umbrella and sun lounger, enjoying a cool drink in the sun!

boat tour, snorkeling and diving 

Don’t forget your mask and flippers! The colourful underwater world full of different sea creatures will amaze you. You can join boat trips and go snorkelling to swim alongside fish and, if you’re lucky, maybe even spot an octopus or a moray eel. If you’re really into diving, there are lots of diving centres around the island where you can go for a deeper adventure. “The Reef” is one of the best spots to dive because it’s bursting with fish. What have you spotted on your dives?

hiking and mountain biking

monte capanne

From the top of the island’s highest peak (1019 meters), you can see the island’s coastline and the deep blue sea stretching out to the other islands in the archipelago on a clear day. It’s like being in a dream. You can reach the top by following one of the many hiking trails, which are surrounded by the lovely scents of the Mediterranean bushes, or by taking a cable car that offers stunning views along the way.

Besides the mountain, the island is crisscrossed with many trails for trekking and mountain biking that cater to different skill levels. Make sure not to miss the “red lake” at the archaeo-mineral park in Rio Marina, another must-see spot on the island.

island filled of history

from Etruscan to Napoleon

Elba may be small, but its history is rich. The oldest finds, from the Stone Age, are kept in Marciana’s Archaeological Museum. The island’s luck started with the Etruscans, who mined iron and shipped it across the Mediterranean. The Romans continued this, adding granite to their exports. You can see relics of these times in Portoferraio’s Archaeological Museum, in ancient villas, caves, and ruins around the island.

Don’t miss the San Giovanni tower, built on a giant rock, and the impressive medieval fortresses of Marciana and Volterraio. In 1548, Cosimo dei Medici founded the fortified city of Portoferraio. The Spanish added to the island’s defences with Fort San Giacomo and the beautiful Monserrato Sanctuary.

Napoleon ruled Elba for 10 months in the 18th century, leaving a lasting impact by improving roads, building theatres, and boosting the wine industry, a nod to the Etruscan legacy. Today, his homes, Villa di San Martino and Villa dei Mulini, are museums. Elba’s history is a tapestry woven by many hands over the centuries.

flavour of island

fish and wine

This island is heaven on earth for seafood lovers and food enthusiasts. You’ll find plenty of delis to sample local dishes, top-notch restaurants, and traditional trattorias. Seafood is the heart of Elba’s cuisine. Be sure to try the fresh catch of the day, “zerri fritti” (small fried fish), and “stoccafisso alla riese” (a local fish dish).

Napoleon once praised the island’s wine for its vigor and health benefits, highlighting Elba’s deep-rooted wine tradition. Don’t miss taking a photo at the scenic vineyard terraces, with their stone walls winding up the hills. Aleatico is one of the island’s most celebrated wines, perfect with “schiaccia briaca,” the island’s traditional dessert. For wine lovers, a tour of the Ripalte Estate is a must-see for its breath-taking views!

acqua dell’Elba

The island is all about the sea, beaches, nature, tasty food, wine, and history. But what ties it all together? The amazing smells you can find here all year round. From the wild herbs, the salty sea air, to the blooms and the blue waters, these scents are captured in the wonderful “Acqua dell’Elba” products. This idea started on a sailboat, inspired by a journey and a family’s dream. Now, it’s a top-quality example of what Tuscany has to offer.