Our story


Agave Flowers is so much more than a place to stay. Every location is a cosy haven, filled with warmth and Italian hospitality that makes you feel like you truly belong.

Our goal is simple: we want you to relax, leave your worries at the door and live beautiful experiences. To create this unique atmosphere, we don’t merely see ourselves as your hosts, but rather like long-lost friends waiting to welcome you home.

Your home
away from home

Agave is more than a place; it’s a feeling. The moment you step into one of our accommodations, you’re immediately greeted by an ambiance that mirrors the familiarity of home.

Each of our stays is designed for you to decide how you’ll spend your holiday, whether you’re seeking a self-sufficient retreat in a fully equipped holiday home or relishing in organic culinary delights.

It’s your holiday; you choose how to spend it.

Stays that last

Our mission at Agave is to redefine the hospitality industry by providing an experience that, aside from being unique, is also deeply personal. You’re not just a temporary visitor at our locations; you’re a member of our extended family.

Each member of our team is therefore dedicated to creating unforgettable memories that will remain in your heart long after you’ve left.

what makes an agave flower

Big happy family

We’re not just all about making our guests feel at home; we’re big lovers of good vibes and connection in-house too.

We know that a happy team is a productive team, so we do everything in our power to create a workplace that is truly positive and supportive.

We believe in empowering our staff to create an environment where they come to work with a genuine smile every single day.

Life’s simple pleasures

We aspire to be an oasis where you can revel in life’s simple pleasures. Here, time slows down and moments are meant to be savored. Our surroundings are carefully curated to inspire feelings of tranquility and inner calmness.

We invite you to unwind and enjoy the beautiful sights and soothing sounds. Take the time to reconnect with nature and yourself; it’s a truly remarkable experience.