Hot Springs

The civilizations of the ancient world widely employed thermal waters for their healing properties to treat wounds, relieve fever and pain. Both the Etruscans and the Ancient Romans considered frequenting thermal baths a habit of the utmost importance. Today, most people just want to take a day out of their busy schedule to relax and pamper themselves a little. If you’re among them, you’ll be happy to know that near our Podere, there are two natural hot springs you can go to: Calidario and La Cerreta.  

In the distance but no so far away there are also free terms of Saturnia and Bagni San Filippo famous for its white whale!

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Il Calidario

(Venturina Terme) 

This is the same exact spot Etruscans would go to. You can buy a day pass to only access the outdoor pool. Here you can relax on your sun lounger in between swims and perhaps even treat yourself to an apéritif in the water, why not? Children from 6 years old are also welcome in this area. For those who want a complete experience, there is the indoor Thermarium, inspired by the rituals of the ancient Etruscans. It is an intimate, romantic space, where silence and tranquility reign. You can relax in the large thermal pool, where there is a whirlpool and some jets of water to massage the neck and shoulders. To eliminate toxins and purify the body, there are both a hammam and a sauna. For better blood flow, you can instead go from hot to cold showers. Afterward, you can warm up with a complimentary herbal tea. Upon reservation, you can also enjoy  therapeutic massages and other treatments, while top-quality skincare can be purchased in the dedicated shop. Only children over 14 are allowed in this area.   

Entrance must be booked in advance for both the outdoor pool and the Thermarium, as only a limited number of people can access the facility so that it can be a unique experience for everyone.  

Where to park? Free on-site parking available.  

Address: Via di Caldana 6, Venturina   

La Cerreta

(Terme di Sassetta)

Inside the biodynamic farm La Cerreta, the thermal baths are immersed in a magical landscape, surrounded by woods of chestnut and oak trees. The water flows naturally at a temperature of 51°C and is rich in sulfates, calcium, precious minerals and trace elements essential for the wellbeing of the respiratory system and the skin. A completely natural structure, inspired by the ancient Etruscan and Roman baths, where no chemical components are used in any way, in fact outside it is not uncommon to find some little frogs between a stone and another! The indoor area consists of a central swimming pool with whirlpools and waterfalls of hot water at a temperature of 36 ° C, lined with deckchairs, a buffet with herbal tea and drinking water, a sauna, a hammam and showers. It is also possible to book massages that take place indoors if it is cold outside or in a gazebo in the garden in summer. The outdoor area has a swimming pool with whirlpools and small waterfalls for neck and feet at a temperature of 32 ° C. There are also natural pools of water that gradually drops in temperature until you get to the largest pool where the water temperature is 26 ° C. All around are deckchairs and sun loungers to relax in the sun or take a nap in the shade. Between one treatment and another, a break for a homemade yogurt is a must. Admission must be booked and only a limited number of people are allowed each day. Passes are available for the entire day or for half a day (you can choose between morning or afternoon).  

Where to park? You can leave your car at their large on-site parking lot, free of charge. Be careful, the last stretch of road is unpaved and bumpy.   

Address:Via della Cerreta 7, Sassetta  

Both thermal baths are open all year round except for a break of variable duration after Christmas, so please check with them directly before your visit. 



Small natural pools, shaped by the flow of thermal water running from the main waterfall. The average water temperature is 37.5°C and during their underground journey it is enriched with calcium, sulfur, hydrogen sulfide, minerals, carbon dioxide and a special natural element, thermal plankton, which makes them unique in the world. For this reason it can help treating ailments of the respiratory system, skeletal system, cardiovascular system, muscular system and digestive system. Thermal mud is also excellent for skincare with its exfoliating and disinfecting properties.  

Where to park? Free parking onsite, along the road. 

Address:❢ Strada Vicinale Molino del Bagno 9/a, 58014 Saturnia GR 



A natural wonder awaits in the middle of the forest, where the white limestone formations that have been formed over time by the flow of thermal waters shine under the sun.  

Access to the whole area, also called Fosso Bianco, is free and there is a first part consisting of pools of crystal clear, warm water where you can relax, especially in summer. Don’t stop here for long, however, continue walking along the path through the woods until you reach the famous White Whale, a large limestone formation that precisely resembles the mouth of a whale. The waterfall here is very impressive, and the waters are very warm (flowing at about 48°C) and one can bathe here even in winter. It is a constantly moving and transforming environment due to the continuous depositing of minerals and organic substances contained in the thermal waters that from time to time also mix with rainwater. The mud that deposit at the bottom of the various pools are excellent for treating the skin, making it soft and toned.  

Remember to bring water, food, a change of clothes and comfortable shoes for the forest trail, there are toilets, cafés or shops.  

Address:Bagni San Filippo (Siena)