Vita Serena


Vita Serena contains: Withania, Lemon Balm, Oats, Cardiac. Helps with neurovegetative dystonias, rebalancing of the autonomic nervous system, psychic stress.

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Water, Ethyl alcohol. Withania (Withania somnifera), Melissa (Melissa Officinalis), Avena (Avena sativa), Cardiaca (Leonorus cardiaca).


Pianeta Azzurro – Arcangea srl

This is an Italian company founded in 1988 by the union of a doctor and a herbalist with the aim of creating 100% organic products for the well-being of body and mind. The plants used are all from organic crops or spontaneous growth that are harvested respecting the ripening and growth times of the plant itself so as not to alter its natural composition. Particular attention is given to the processes of steeping, extraction and processing to the final product.