Kreuth – Terlano DOC Chardonnay


“Kreuth Chardonnay is characterised by its balanced acidity, creamy structure and elegant aromas. It is thanks to its complexity and a mineral note that this Chardonnay, cultivated in the Terlan DOC area, is endowed with great longevity. Manual grape harvest and selection. Gentle crushing and racking by natural sedimentation. Slow fermentation at controlled temperature in…

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Cantina Terlano, Trentino Alto Adige

“In this day and age, when everything has to be done in the shortest possible time, taking time and giving things time is perhaps the greatest luxury we can imagine. At Terlano we allow ourselves this luxury, giving each wine the time it needs to mature to perfection. Even several decades, if necessary. The Terlano Winery’s tradition hinges on historical vinification in wooden barrels, but another decisive factor is the ‘sur lie’ method, in which the wines mature – often for years – on fine lees, before being transferred to the bottle where – without haste – they can finish growing. Thanks to this slow maturation, the wines acquire more character and complexity. What counts for us is to bring out not the primary aromas, but rather the more complex secondary and tertiary ones.” by