An extraordinary gulf between San Vincenzo and Piombino, lined with dark sand that glitters in the sun due to the residue of iron filings, a very important metal during the Etruscan period. It is a place where history and art meet and create a perfect mix of fun and culture. 

Free public beach or beach club?   

For the largest part the beach is free, except for two beach clubs: Bagno Baratti and Bagno Altamarea, where a day pass gets you sun loungers, a beach umbrella, showers and a locker. On either side of the Gulf, the coast is rocky for snorkelers or those who prefer a little depth. In summer, dogs are allowed only on the stretch of beach adjacent to the pier.  

For those who love adventure and prefer more secluded spots, there are two coves you can explore. For the first one, start from one of the parking lots in Baratti and follow the path through the woods, passing by Casa Saldarini (or Casa Dinosauro) and Casa Esagono by Vittorio Giorgini, to get to the Ricchi Baratti cove where the pebble beach quickly disappears in the deep end of the sea. It is a simple walk within everyone’s reach, about 20 minutes on a flat path. For the second one, start at the Reciso parking lot in Populonia, which dominates the gulf from above, through a path in the woods you go down to the Buca delle Fate, a rocky cove overlooking the open sea. Along the way, you can admire ancient Etruscan tombs and stop at the benches placed on top of the cliff to enjoy the view of the crystal-clear water below and the islands of the Tuscan archipelago. The route is short, about 20 minutes, easier when you descend the promontory and more challenging on the way back because the path is all uphill.  Remember to wear comfortable shoes, bring water to drink on the way and a dive mask to admire the flora and fauna underwater! 

How to get there and where to park? 

To reach Baratti from San Vincenzo (about 13 km away), take the Via Provinciale della Principessa towards Piombino, until you get to a roundabout where there is a sign for Baratti, then take the first exit on the right. There are several parking lots, some along the road and some inside a field. In summer, you can park there for a fee. On weekends and in August, the area is very crowded, so you need to arrive early to secure a spot.   

Lunch, apéritif or dinner?   

Behind the beach there is a beautiful park with a pine grove and picnic tables where you can stop for a snack in the shade. The small kiosk that sell octopus, open only in summer, is perfect for those who want a quick take-way snack. If you’re more of a sandwich person, you’ll find the Il Casotto food truck in the park with tables you can sit at. Those who prefer a sea-view restaurant for lunch or dinner, can choose between La Pergola with excellent crudo, or Da Canessa, with a terrace directly on the sea, at the southern end of the gulf. Bagno Baratti is the perfect setting for an apéritif at sunset, a time when you can experience the true magic of this place: do not miss the Zenzito, a cocktail made with ginger to refresh your summer evenings. 

Sports and outdoor activities  

Explore the Mediterranean with Marenea Diving: their daily excursions along the coast or to Elba Island with diving guides are suitable for any skill level. Those who do not have a license but want to learn more about diving can opt for the “baptism of the sea”, where a qualified instructor will help you with the equipment and will guide you safely to a depth of 5 m. If you just want to take a dip or do some snorkeling along the coast that goes from Baratti to Piombino, Ormeggio Baratti offers mini boat trips of about an hour. It is also possible to rent boats for the whole day or for half a day if you want to discover the promontory on your own! These are all boats that do not require a license.   

The town of Populonia 

In this small hamlet, the only Etruscan settlement on the coast, the historic alleys of the small village are lined with souvenir and craft shops such as Lune di Lana and Il Pellaio. In the main square, the small Church of Santa Croce, recently renovated, is home to a small fragment of an original fresco. You can climb to the top of the tower and on sunny days the view is nothing short of spectacular: you can see the coast and the islands of Elba, Capraia and even Corsica in the distance. The public park is an ideal setting to enjoy a cool drink, a snack or an apéritif. You’ll have to pay to leave your car in the parking lot (Via S. Giovanni, 1) in summer, but not in winter.   


During this time of the year, the Gulf of Baratti and Populonia is as beautiful as it is in summer. Even if most businesses are closed, the beach is free for its entire length, there are no restrictions for dogs and the sea under an overcast sky becomes silver.  You can take long walks on the beach, admire the shells and still feel the water between your feet. The Nature Reserve is quiet and is perfect for a little work-out or meditation, lulled only by the sound of the waves. In winter time stops in this place and everything becomes slow, relaxing, you can breathe deeply and let your mind free up.