Dried Tomatoes in Olive oil (Fattoria Sant’Anna)


A classic of Italian tradition. The tomatoes are picked when they are ripe, lightly salted and sun-dried. The intense taste of real dried tomatoes preserved in extra virgin olive oil. Great on their own, as an appetiser or as an addition to your recipes.

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Tomatoes, parsley, garlic, capers, salt, olive oil.


Fattoria Sant’Anna

On the hills of Bibbona, close to the Mediterranean shrubland, Fattoria Sant’Anna has been growing legumes, cereals, olive trees and vegetables for generations. All stages, from sowing to harvesting to storage, are carried out without the use of colouring agents and preservatives in full respect of the best traditional Tuscan recipes. Each jar contains the ancient flavours and authenticity of products farmed with passion.