Chianti Classico


“Essence of Radda in Chianti. Pure Sangiovese. The corporate expression of their small corner of Tuscany. The winery is located right in the middle of the Chianti Classico, within the original boundaries of the historic Chianti. That’s why making 100% Sangiovese and strongly honoring your land.” by

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Tenuta Carleone di Castiglioni, Radda in Chianti

“The Carleone Estate in Castiglioni was born in 2012 from the encounter between the Austrian family of Karl Egger with the small medieval town of Radda in Chianti and with the help of trusted friend Sean “Il Guercio” O’Callaghan. With the common goal of creating honest wines that enclose the flavors of the Earth, the property has become the cradle that encloses the soul of Sangiovese: only organic and biodynamic principles are used, nothing is added to the wines or grappa and they are not used yeasts and clarified agents. ” by