• Tomato puree is ideal to use in soups, casseroles and sauces. It adds a rich tomato flavour to vegetables. A basic ingredient for homemade ketchup,…

  • Classic Ketchup


    Excellent to accompany meat and fried food.

  • Tomato puree


    With its delicate and authentic flavour, this passata contains all the aroma and taste of freshly picked tomatoes. Traditional processing and gentle pasteurisation give the…

  • Basil pesto


    Classic pesto prepared with leaves of the plant that most recalls the scents of summer on the table, the Basil!

  • A tomato-based, moderately spicy pesto. A special mix of spices and flower petals gives it its refined taste. It is ideal as a condiment for…

  • Tomato pesto


    Aromatic pesto with dried tomatoes and cashew with a drop of extra virgin olive oil. A delicious dressing for your pasta, try it on toasted…

  • Tuscan Pesto


    100% Tuscan basil. A strong-tasting pesto made with 100% extra virgin olive oil and garlic. Our basil is processed in the shortest possible time, so…

  • Tomato pulp


    100% Tuscan tomatoes, no salt added: from sun-ripened tomatoes, carefully hand-selected and processed in our factory within a few hours, comes this dense pulp with…

  • Pureed Tomatoes


    The simplicity of tomato and basil.

  • 100% Tuscan cherry tomatoes, no salt added. The tomatoes, picked at the right ripeness, are selected and processed as quickly as possible to preserve their…

  • For artichoke lovers, here is the sauce for you!

  • A unique, intense, Mediterranean flavor.