• The classic ready-made tomato bruschetta on toasted bread. All the flavour of freshly picked tomatoes with just the addition of salt, extra virgin olive oil…

  • Beans in water


    Beans already cooked and ready to eat directly. With products harvested on the Etruscan Coast without added colourings or preservatives, prepared according to Tuscan Tradition.

  • Chickpeas are carefully selected and cooked according to tradition, directly in the jar in salted water. Chickpeas contain many substances that are essential for the…

  • With their unique flavour, baby onions are always ‘delicious’!

  • From the simplicity of onions an excellent starter to be enjoyed with a board of cold meats and cheeses.

  • Olives Cream


    Excellent served directly on toast, or to enrich meat and fish dishes.

  • Tomato puree is ideal to use in soups, casseroles and sauces. It adds a rich tomato flavour to vegetables. A basic ingredient for homemade ketchup,…

  • Excellent au naturel or used for other tasty recipes.

  • Artichokes and courgettes combined in a spectacular giardiniera.

  • For an aperitif or appetiser with a ‘Capricious’ flavour!

  • Spicy Giardiniera for a flavourful appetiser.

  • All the flavour of Maremma tradition in a tasty giardiniera!